“Detroit Dance Party” Recital 2019
  • Friday Recital: June 14th – 6 p.m.

Junior Level, Level 2 and DACT

  • Saturday Matinee Recital: June 15th – 12 p.m.

Mini Level, Level 3, Level 4, and DACT

  • Saturday Evening Recital: June 15th – 5 p.m.

Petite Level, Level 1, Level 5 and DACT

*Dancers arrive one hour prior to showtime.

*Please park in the auditorium parking lot, closest to the I-75 Freeway.

DRESS REHEARSALS: Dancers arrive at 5:00pm; Curtain at 6:00pm




Immediately upon arrival to LPHS, each dancer and a parent must report to the sign-in table where you will then be sent to the designated dressing room. Please Note: Dancers will return to their designated dressing rooms directly after their dance has rehearsed onstage.

Dancers are asked to please arrive prepared in tights and costume; hair in a bun with bangs pinned back and stage make-up done.

Mini and Petite Levels will perform early at their Dress Rehearsals in order to dismiss these young dancers early. They will perform in their normal line-up at the Recitals, which run much quicker.

Dancers receiving Perfect Attendance Awards will do so onstage during Intermission of their Dress Rehearsal.

We will NOT rehearse the Finale after the Dress Rehearsals.

“Detroit Dance Party” Dance Avenue’s 13th Annual Recitals:

FRIDAY EVENING RECITAL: June 14 – Dancers arrive at 5:00pm; Curtain at 6:00pm SHARP

SATURDAY MATINEE RECITAL: June 15 – Dancers arrive at 11:00am, Curtain at 12:00pm SHARP

SATURDAY EVENING RECITAL: June 15 – Dancers arrive at 4:00pm, Curtain at 5:00pm SHARP

Immediately upon arrival to LPHS, each dancer and a parent must report to the sign-in table where you will then be sent to the designated dressing room. Please Note: Dancers will return to their designated dressing rooms directly after their dance has performed onstage.

Costume quick changes will be handled in the same manner as at Dress Rehearsal. However, costume changes will have to be done even quicker at Recital because every dance number will perform only once without any breaks in-between.

Download our handy RECITAL CHECKLIST: Click HERE!

Order your DVD copy of the Recital: Click HERE!



Remaining tickets will be sold at the door before each Recital performance. All tickets are $15 at the door, cash or check only. Please try to purchase your tickets in advance.  In the event a show sells-out, there will NOT be additional tickets available. Anyone without a ticket will not be admitted into the auditorium.


Recital Programs are $15.00 each. They can be pre-ordered at the studio front desk or purchased on Recital day. A limited amount of Programs are available for purchase during each show. It is very possible we could sell out. To ensure you get your copy please pre-order. Recital Program pre-orders can be picked up at the Dance Avenue merchandise table in the lobby on Recital day. You will just need to provide the name that your pre-order was purchased under. (Families who purchased program ads for their dancers will be included on the pre-order list.)


Purchase your copy either by filling-out an order form in advance (available at the studio front desk) or at the 828 Studio table in the auditorium lobby on Recital day.


Stylish Dance Avenue apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, etc.) will be available for purchase.

Cold bottled water & Fresh Baked Goods will be available for purchase in the front lobby during the Recitals. Food not allowed inside the auditorium.

Please be sure to purchase 50/50 & Basket Raffle tickets at the show! All proceeds go to our Competition Team.

Floral bouquets available for purchase in the auditorium lobby on Recital days.


Signs will be posted at the LPHS entrance to help direct dancers to the sign-in table and their designated dressing rooms.

All dancers MUST CHECK-IN: dancers under the age of 12 MUST be signed-in and out of their dressing room by a parent; dancers 12 and older may check themselves in. Parents, please understand that signing your child in and out of the dressing room is our safety protocol.

Once a dancer is in the designated dressing room, she/he must wait with their class until their number is called to the stage. Dancers will return to their dressing room directly after their dance performs.

Prior to leaving the Recital venue, dancers under the age of 12 MUST be signed-out of the dressing room by a parent.

Make certain all costumes pieces are accounted for prior to every rehearsal and performance. Please label and organize all costumes, tights and shoes so our backstage & changing room volunteer helpers can quickly assist your dancer.

If a headpiece, hat, gloves or other accessory is forgotten on Recital day, the entire class will not get to wear that accessory. Please do not be the cause for everyone having to miss-out!

Dancers must wear Capezio Ultra Soft Caramel footed or stirrup tights and Capezio Ultra Soft Ballet Pink tights with no holes, rips, tears or runs. Tights can be purchased at Dancin’ Feet in Southgate and online at (Please contact the studio for the order information, if needed.) We recommend purchasing an additional pair of tights to have on hand in the event of a tear or snag. If your child is in more than one dance number, please layer her tights. This makes costume changes quicker and easier! One pair of tights comes off and the second are already on and ready to go.

NO visible undergarments are allowed under costumes! Nude colored bra with clear straps only!

Dancers must remove all fingernail polish (also toenail polish if they are in a Lyrical or Contemporary dance.)

NO JEWELRY! Small ear studs may be worn, but no rings, bracelets or necklaces.

Dancers must have hair in a bun, bangs pinned back and stage make-up done. Dancers may wear costumes to the Dress Rehearsals and Recitals or get ready in the dressing room immediately upon arrival.

Dancers wear make-up on stage to enhance their facial features, which can be washed out under the bright stage lighting. With hair in a bun and bangs pinned back each and every dancer is visible and easily recognized.

Bun and Make-up “How To” instructional guides are available at the studio front desk, by request.

For safety purposes, men are not permitted in the female dressing room areas. If a father needs to help his child with a costume change, please instead arrange for a female family member to assist with these changes in the dressing room or request that a backstage volunteer room attendant assists your child.

Please explain to your younger students that you (the parent) may not be backstage to help them or stay with them during the show, and that they need to follow the instructions of our volunteer helpers and Dance Avenue Staff members.

Our teenage Dance Avenue dancers are expected to act maturely backstage. Any issues that may arise will be reported to the Studio Directors and discussed with the student and parents.

Dancers are encouraged to eat BEFORE they arrive! Light snacks like crackers are permitted, but please make sure your child knows to clean-up and be careful of allergies (no peanut products, please). No colored drinks or snacks that could stain the costume!

Feel free to bring small activities (coloring books, crayons, games, etc.) to keep children busy while waiting.

Dancers are NOT allowed in the audience during Dress Rehearsal OR Recital!  (Exception: You may purchase a ticket for a dancer who finishes performing early or performs only in the first or second half of the show. That dancer may watch the show from the audience in street clothes and must return to the dressing room to get into costume before the 2nd half of the show or in time for the Finale.)

Food and drink are NOT permitted inside the auditorium. The only exception is bottled water.

Lincoln Park High School is a No Smoking Zone!

Please follow proper theatre etiquette and DO NOT enter or exit the auditorium while dancers are performing. Please ONLY enter and exit between dance performances. Usher Volunteers will be posted to enforce this rule.

This is a professional performance; please use proper manners. Clapping is allowed and encouraged! However, please do not yell your child’s name, whistle, wave, etc. We do not want to distract from what each of our dancers have worked so hard for all year. THIS IS THEIR BIG DAY!

PLEASE MAKE YOUR FAMILY AWARE THAT VIDEOTAPING AND FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY ARE NOT ALLOWED ON RECITAL DAY. Rule-breakers will be asked nicely only once to put away recording devices. Upon a second warning the offender will be asked to leave.

Videotaping is allowed during Dress Rehearsal ONLY.

When taking pictures with a camera, please turn the flash off. It is a distraction to the dancers onstage.

Our dancers should view their RECITAL DAY as a Holiday. They work all year long for this one weekend. Let’s work together by allowing them to enjoy every aspect of it!

Recital FAQs:

Why do we pay the full amount for June Tuition?

Tuition is a yearly amount, broken down into 10 equal installments for your convenience. Although June is a short month, June tuition is simply your final installment on your yearly tuition.

Why do we pay for Recital tickets?

There are a lot of expenses associated with putting on a Recital: auditorium rental, scenery & lighting, custodial fees, sound and light technician, insurance, ticket/program printing, etc. These expenses add up to thousands of dollars! Without admission fees, the studio would not have the means to put on a yearly show. Many Dance Studios charge a recital fee, but we do not; only the cost of tickets!

Why are the dancers required to wear make-up and hair in a bun for the Recital performance?

Dancers wear make-up on stage to enhance their facial features, which can be washed-out under the bright stage lighting. With hair in a bun and bangs pinned back each and every dancer is visible and easily recognized. (Please request a stage make-up and/or Bun how-to if you are uncertain of how to do either.)

Why are only the helper volunteers allowed backstage?

For the safety of our dancers! Our backstage area can be hectic with dancers changing costumes and preparing for their turn on the stage. Limiting the amount of extra bodies backstage helps to ensure a smooth-running Recital.

Why do I have to sign my dancer in and out of the dressing rooms?

We take the safety of our dancers very seriously. By signing dancers in and out of the backstage area we ensure that only parents or guardians are able to take their children.

Can I video record my child onstage?

You are welcome to video record at Dress Rehearsal ONLY. For Recital we DO NOT allow video recording. We hire a professional videography service, 828 Studios, from which you may purchase Recital DVDs.

Can I take photos of my child onstage?

Non-flash photography is allowed, but please NO flash photography during the performance. The flash can distract and disorient the dancers on stage, making it extremely dangerous for them. We want our dancers to have the best possible performance. They have worked very hard for their special day.

Does my child have to stay for the entire Recital show?

We wholeheartedly encourage all our dancers to stay for the entire Recital show. We would love for all of our dancers to take part in the End Finale, which allows students to celebrate as a family and take their final bows together!

Can my child sit with me in the audience when they are finished dancing?

We prefer that dancers stay backstage the entire Recital. There are lots of fun activities for them to do backstage. Little ones will have coloring books, light snacks, water and a LIVE feed of the Recital to watch on TV.

If I volunteer to help backstage, will I get to see my child perform?

Absolutely! Parents can watch their dancers’ performance(s) from the side of the stage, or once the students are lined-up and taken backstage, parents can go around to the back of the auditorium to watch from there.