Please make sure you know which Recital your dancer is performing in:

Tiny Tots, Juniors & Level 3:

Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday, June 13 / Recital: Friday Evening, June 16

Minis, Level 1 & Level 4:

Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, June 14 / Recital: Saturday Matinee, June 17

Petites, Level 2 & Level 5:

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, June 15 / Recital: Saturday Evening, June 17

Note: Each class level performs in only ONE recital.

All Recitals & Dress Rehearsals take place at:

Lincoln Park High School Auditorium, 1701 Champaign Rd, Lincoln Park, MI 48146

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Recital FAQs:

Why do we pay the full amount for June Tuition?

Tuition is a yearly amount, broken down into 10 equal installments for your convenience. Although June is a short month, June tuition is simply your final installment on your yearly tuition.

Why do we pay for Recital tickets?

There are a lot of expenses associated with putting on a Recital: auditorium rental, scenery & lighting, custodial fees, sound and light technician, insurance, ticket/program printing, etc. These expenses add up to thousands of dollars! Without admission fees, the studio would not have the means to put on a yearly show. Many Dance Studios charge a recital fee, but we do not; only the cost of tickets!

Why are the dancers required to wear make-up and hair in a bun for the Recital performance?

Dancers wear make-up on stage to enhance their facial features, which can be washed-out under the bright stage lighting. With hair in a bun and bangs pinned back each and every dancer is visible and easily recognized. (Please request a stage make-up and/or Bun how-to if you are uncertain of how to do either.)

Why are only the helper volunteers allowed backstage?

For the safety of our dancers! Our backstage area can be hectic with dancers changing costumes and preparing for their turn on the stage. Limiting the amount of extra bodies backstage helps to ensure a smooth-running Recital.

Why do I have to sign my dancer in and out of the dressing rooms?

We take the safety of our dancers very seriously. By signing dancers in and out of the backstage area we ensure that only parents or guardians are able to take their children.

Can I video record my child onstage?

You are welcome to video record at Dress Rehearsal ONLY. For Recital we DO NOT allow video recording. We hire a professional videography service, 828 Studios, from which you may purchase Recital DVDs.

Can I take photos of my child onstage?

Non-flash photography is allowed, but please NO flash photography during the performance. The flash can distract and disorient the dancers on stage, making it extremely dangerous for them. We want our dancers to have the best possible performance. They have worked very hard for their special day.

Does my child have to stay for the entire Recital show?

We wholeheartedly encourage all our dancers to stay for the entire Recital show. We would love for all of our dancers to take part in the End Finale, which allows students to celebrate as a family and take their final bows together!

Can my child sit with me in the audience when they are finished dancing?

We prefer that dancers stay backstage the entire Recital. There are lots of fun activities for them to do backstage. Little ones will have coloring books, light snacks, water and a LIVE feed of the Recital to watch on TV.

If I volunteer to help backstage, will I get to see my child perform?

Absolutely! Parents can watch their dancers’ performance(s) from the side of the stage, or once the students are lined-up and taken backstage, parents can go around to the back of the auditorium to watch from there.